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Image: avatars-nFfDWzLCTi0XKstQ-SjhepQ-t2048=768

by heftymiller11
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Description: How to watch Paramount Plus on Roku? Follow the steps given below to watch Paramount Plus on Roku or visit our website ParamountPlus.com/activate/Roku. Start with turning on your Roku device and TV. On the home page, select the streaming channel option. And use the search option to search the Paramount app on Roku. Launch the app on the home page. Click the subscribe option. You can choose the plan between a monthly or an annual. Verify your age. Log in using the registered Roku email or a different one. Provide your payment information or use the Roku Pin for a paid subscription. Log in to your account, and now you're ready to stream Paramount Plus on Roku. If you require any help to activate Paramount Plus on Roku, please contact our customer support right away Call [email protected]+1-820-300-0440.
Resolution: 2048x768
Copyright: Unknown (Do you own this image or know who does? Please let us know here).
Date added: 5 April 2021
Instructions: How to make backgrounds span across screens


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